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Top Hat

Top Hat allows instructors and students to communicate and collaborate, create assignments on the fly, and check for knowledge.  

What is Top Hat?

Top Hat is a cloud-based teaching tool that leverages student’s devices to increase in-class engagement and real-time feedback. Instructors can engage students in and outside of the classroom with interactive slides, graded questions, customized content, videos, discussions, and polls. 

How to get started for instructors

Top Hat saves students money

Penn State Top Hat Features

  • Take Attendance: Secure attendance technology for accurate recording of class attendance data. 
  • Polls & Quizzes: Increase student participation during class with the ability to create a variety of interactive content such as polls and quizzes in Top Hat to share seamlessly through Canvas or via a web browser. 
  • Live Chat & Discussions: The live chat functionality integrated directly into the virtual lecture experience allows students to discuss topics and concepts with their peers, and instructors.   
  • Labs: Livestream your lab demonstration while launching real-time questions. Check for comprehension after lab meetings with engaging and accessible assignments.  
  • Integration with Canvas: Instructors can seamlessly synchronize rosters and grades. 
  • Learning Insights: Keep track of how students are doing in your course.  
  • Assignments: Create tailored assignments or upload questions for use in your course.
  • Low-cost Interactive Textbooks: This feature is available for a discounted student rate.  

Features coming soon: Lecture Recordings, Virtual Classroom Streaming, and Slate Course Communications.  

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